Al Istiraha Istiraha Road, Aley 05-555660, 05-554651
Bourj El Fares Main Str., Aley 05-554056
Diapason Restaurant Dabbas Str., Aley 05-554340
Brodway Cafe Piscine Str., Aley 03-218969
Yesterday Cafe Dabbas Str., Aley 03-743080, 05-554056
Asrar Restaurant Damascus Road, Aley 03-205874, 03-776565
Al Sakhra Restaurant Main Str., Chemlan

01-341175, 01-346128

Pizza Internet Dabbas Str., Aley 05-556990, 03-736990
Day & Night Restaurant

Main Road, Kabrchmoun

Kasr Asmahan Rest. Damascus Road, Aley 05-555048
Al Karmah Damascus Road, Dahr Al Wahech, Near Khairallah Gallery 03-696166, 03-662606
Terrasse Aley Aley - Piscine Str. 961-5-557370
Symposium Cafe Aley - Ras el jabal 961-3-519900


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